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New Arrival
4 in 4 out USB switch with remote control
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New Arrival
2 in 1 Out USB 3.0 Switch
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New Arrival
2 in 1 out KVM switch with 4 USB ports
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Who Are We

Welcome To KCEVE and AIMOS

Our AIMOS team has two main brands: “AIMOS” and “KCEVE”; specializing in HDMI and USB KVM SWITCH, which can be used with computer hosts, laptops, surveillance consoles and computer monitors or HD TV projectors. The products are suitable for use in home offices, hotels and building control rooms, etc.! You can buy them on, as well as on Amazon, Walmart, Selling in the US, Europe, Japan and India; search for “AIMOS KVM SWITCH” or “kceve usb switch”, etc.

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