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Insist On Technological Innovation

KCEVE has been focusing on the dual development of technology and brand, which has been also looking for outstanding technical talents in various fields and establishing cooperative relationships with multiple brands. In 2019 years, the company established the KCEVE R&D team and “aimos ” laboratory which continuously breakthroughs problems about USB compatibility in the KVM industry.

We are recruiting more than 100 KVM users from different countries who are allowed to participate in the design and development of our products, and continuous innovation and development. so far, different series of products such as USB switch and kvm switch have been updated to the third generation, and many reached the fourth generation.

The simple product of KCEVE KVM SWTICH can solve the problem of multi-screen and multi-key mouse inconvenient operation for more PC users, which can improve users’ work efficiency by about 10%!



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