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1 in 2 out HDMI splitter


HDMI splitter, 1 in 2 out distributor with 3.5 mm audio support HD 4K @ 60Hz Y: U: V: 4: 4: 4 For PS4 Xbox Sky Box Fire Stick, DVD player HDTV projector etc.

Packing list
1x HDMI spliter
1x power supply
1x user manual

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  • HDMI splitter, 1 input and 2 output, two computer devices display the same picture and support two devices with different resolution.
  • HDMI 2.0b, HDCP2.2 / HDCP1.4 compatible. Supports the maximum HDMI resolution of 4Kx2K at 50/60 Hz (4: 4: 4)
  • Supports digital and analog audio output from HDMI sources. Equipped with 3.5 mm audio output. Supports various high quality audio outputs.
  • EDID In the “Auto” state, the splitter automatically detects the lower resolution as the output source, so that these two output devices together display the lower resolution.
  • If EDID is in the “Copy” state, the splitter will copy the signal source from Outport A, if Output A has a resolution of 4k, but Output B only 1080P, Output B does not work. In this case, simply set the mode to “Copy” with a button, then two screens will output 1080P together.
重量 320 g
尺寸 20.4 × 11.6 × 6.6 cm



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