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2 in 1 out KVM switch With Type-C port


HDMI KVM Switch, Type-C Switcher Share Monitor Mouse Keyboard HDMI Switcher 4K @ 30Hz for Laptop, PC, PS4, Xbox, Can be connected to USB HUB, Upgrade the External Switch Button

Packing list:
1x HDMI KVM switcher
1x type C cable (C to C)
1x USB cable
1x HDMI cable
1x instruction manual

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  • With this KVM switch you can easily control 2 computers with just one USB keyboard and mouse. You save space, electricity and device costs and can control and manage two PC host / game consoles centrally without having to switch from one workstation to the other.
  • A redesigned KVM switch with TYPE-C connector that solves the problem for some laptops only with TYPE-C connector. With two additional standard USB 2.0 hub connections that can recognize barcode scanners, USB hard drives, printers, scanners or other USB devices.
  • Please note that this KVM switch is only supported with key switch mode and without hotkey. The AIMOS Store has a different model that supports hotkey. Welcome to our shop if you need the KVM switch with hotkey function.
  • The KVM switch with HDMI 2.0 A standard, the maximum transfer rate is up to 10.2 Gbit / s in the entire band. Supports 4K resolution at 30Hz, makes the picture display more exquisite and realistic, the color brighter and more moving. Of course, it also supports 3D and 1080P or lower resolution.
  • Our KVM switches are widely used in education, meeting training, video surveillance, security and protection systems, etc. Compatible with all laptops with HDMI connection and other devices such as PS4, Xbox One etc. Works with Windows, MacOS, Linux, Unix etc.
重量 300 g
尺寸 15 × 15 × 5 cm



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