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4 in 1 out KVM switch With remote control


KCEVE HDMI KVM Switch, 4 Computer KVM Switches Share Mouse, Keyboard and Monitor Switch Support 4K @ 60Hz With Hub Function for Laptop, PC, PS4, Xbox HDTV

1x HDMI 2.0 KVM switch
1x HDMI cable
4x USB cable
1x instruction manual

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  • This is a 4-in-1 HDMI KVM switch. This is an excellent choice when you need to share your monitor, keyboard, and mouse between multiple desktops and laptops. With this KVM switch you can save a lot of money and space. You no longer have to buy monitors, keyboards and mice.
  • This KVM switch has added 2 USB 2.0 hub ports that can recognize USB devices like hub, hard drive, printer, scanner, etc. This KVM switch is also compatible with wireless keyboard and mouse with receiver. Supports audio and ARC function. It comes with EDID emulators in each input port so PCs always have the correct display information.
  • Hotkey combination switch on the keyboard is supported, Hotkey combination 1: Press “Scroll Lock” (Scroll Lock, Scroll Lock, 1/2/3/4) twice if your keyboard is without a “Scroll Lock” button. Please use a different hotkey combination, hotkey combination 2: Press “Ctrl” twice (Ctrl, Ctrl, 1/2/3/4).
  • Apart from the hotkey switch, there is another switch option for this KVM switch. This KVM switch supports the toggle button for panel buttons, the toggle button for mouse switches and the toggle mode for remote controls (remote control included).
  • This KVM 4×1 switcher is a high standard product, supports up to 4K resolution at 60Hz and 4: 4: 4 chroma sampling, and makes the display image more exquisite and realistic. Support all kinds of computer system like Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8/7 / XP / Vista, Mac OS, Linux, Chrome OS. Thanks to the purchase of our KVM switch, we offer a one-year guarantee. Contact seller service if you need further help while using it.
重量 1010 g
尺寸 28 × 12 × 7 cm



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