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Audio Bidirectional Adapter


Optical to Coaxial OR Coax to Toslink Converter, Audio Bidirectional Adapter for PS3, HD DVD, PS4, Sky, HD Plasma, Blu-ray

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  • This is a very good opto-coaxial bidirectional converter made of high quality metal jacket material. The converter is fantastic for noise reduction and heat resistance.
  • Optical to coaxial converter with a good sound effect that is really clear and cool! This article is a great choice if you want your amplifier to produce good sound quality!
  • Bidirectional audio converter, supports optical-coaxial or coax-optical. An input selector switch can simply select either SPDIF (Optical / Toslink) or Coaxial input.
  • Plug and play, no software and drivers required. Operating display for the converter function test. Compatible with PS4, Xbox 360, satellite receiver, BR player, Blu-ray player, UHD TV, DVD, soundbar, amplifier and other devices with optical and coaxial interfaces.
  • We always work hard on research and development and testing want to provide good quality to every customer. We offer a 1 year guarantee. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you encounter any problem during use. Thank you for your support in my shop!
重量 179 g
尺寸 12.1 × 9.3 × 4.5 cm



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