Warm Reminder

Dear users and friends

Because we have recently discovered that some criminals collect money in the name of purchasing products through rd@kceve.cAm. Which caused varying degrees of economic losses to our buyers and friends , and also had bad impact on KCEVE brand.
please look for www.kceve.com domain name (Not CAM) to get more details about our products and purchase them. We won’t charge any service fees to all our consumers for any reason.
Thanks for each of our customer trusting KCEVE and choosing KCEVE.
If you are personal user, please search”KCEVE” to purchase or contact the seller service to recommend the most suitable products on “Amazon” or “Aliexpress”.
If you need further cooperation and OEM/ODM service, please carefully check the our offical email address, whatsapp and company address

Hope you have a happy life
KCEVE Team in Shenzhen, China


+86 13418835528




11A Building D, Huilongda Building, Shiyan Street, Baoan District, Shenzhen

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